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My Community

I live in Feltham, Middlesex and take a keen interest in improving the area. I also volunteer for a number of Charities.

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IT Stuff

I have a great interest in Apple Mac, iPad and iPhone software and have made a lot of purchases. I only use Windows when I have to!

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Computer Games

Although not very good at any, I enjoy playing a whole range of games on my PS4, my iPad, and a few web games as well.

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About Me

Providing IT Support for over 30 years, Spurs supporter, Apple Fan and keen Charity and Community supporter

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Need to get in touch with me?

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or via Email.

Latest Posts


Boom 2 – Improve all your Mac Sound

Description:  Boom 2 transforms all the audio that comes out of your Mac to make it sound louder, clearer and better. It calibrates itself to suit your Mac and offers fully customizable features. Now everything, including all your favorite services like Netflix, Skype, Spotify, iTunes etc., is about to sound better than ever! Price:  £20.95…

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Social Media Auto Publish-Premium (WordPress Plugin)

Description: Social Media Auto Publish is a simple wordpress plugin that allows you to publish posts automatically from your blog to social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest. The plugin saves you from the manual task of copying your blog updates and publishing them individually to your social media accounts Price:…

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500px for your photos

I’ve come across and tried a number of different photography sites, but have recently settled back on 500px. Whilst it’s a tad more expensive than others, the quality of the way you can add photos, and they way they are displayed is exceptional. It is harder, I find, to browse photos but it’s produced a…

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Star Wars BattleFront

Not really sure if I knew what I was expecting from this, I bought it as a last minute decision whilst it was still on pre-order. I think I was hoping for more to do as a single player, as I’m often easily beaten in Multiplayer. Refreshingly, in the aerial battles I can hold my…

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Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 19.16.09

8 Ball Pool from Miniclip

Simple game, simple interface, also available for iPad and iPhone. I’ve been playing it for some time and it’s changed a number of times. I think in it’s most recent form they have spoiled the game to some extent, because it’s now harder to get coins and so harder to play games. This is clearly…

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It’s a bit quiet on the posting front at the moment whilst I re-engineer the site (for hopefully the last time) and get a bit more content on board. I’m adding pages and settling the design without the content so you may find some links don’t actually do anything, or pages are blank. Hopefully there…

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WordPress, always

My web hosting comes with a control panel that allows me to easily install a huge number of web site packages, called Softaculous. I’ve have tried out so many different packages, especially the Content Management Systems (CMS) but also the blogging and groupware packages. But no matter how much time I sped on them, time…

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Local website for Feltham, which is connected with both the feltham community Facebook group and the felthamlondon twitter account to provide information to residents.

I love photography, and am slowly improving the quality of my photos, you can see the best of my photos here. Only a small collection so far, but it's slowly growing into a collection I'm proud of.

Feltham Foodbank

The foodbank are a local feltham charity of which i am a trustee, we collect food monthly outside asda and morrisons, for later distribution to those in need across the borough.