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PhotoStream2Folder – Apple Photostream to Folder


Really nice little program that easily allows you to download your photo stream and have them in a folder. Not only does it allow you to have them easily accessible, it integrates with Lightroom and has a number of other clever features including photo renaming.

Manage Multiple WordPress Sites? Try InfiniteWP!


If like me, you run multiple WordPress sites, you’ll know the struggle to keep them all up to date. Whilst I tried a paid service, as I don’t make any money from the sites, it’s hard to justify the cost. I noticed that there was a free service you could installed called InfiniteWP which does the job for you, and from initial impressions it looks great. You add a plug in to each site, and then configure them, and once done, all the updates can be done from a single point. You can even add new plug ins and themes…
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Premium Theme: Happenstance


It’s not often I’ll buy a theme, but this one seems worth it, only £6, and a whole bunch of extra options in the paid version. Well worth a look at the free version, and then when combined with Beaver Builder, a whole bunch of stuff is possible.

Essential WordPress Plug-ins


Having used WordPress for sometime I’ve slowly built up a list of really useful plug-ins that I now deem essential. Akismet Beaver Builder Wordfence Security Remove XMLRPC Pingback Ping Formidable WP Lightbox Bank Most of these are free, but some have paid upgrades and I’ve bought a couple of these.

Great In Car Devices


I bought these 3 times to go together. The charger powers two devices at 2.4amp. The cables are nice and long, probably too long, but they have use elsewhere if I go for shorter cables. The in car cradle looks ideal because it will allow me to mount the GoPro on the back. Not quite sure what I’ll do when I switch to the other camera, but am sure it can probably be fitted somehow on the same place.

The World’s Thinnest International Charger


I saw this on and managed to get in quite early on the funding. They’ve since updated it, and it will now have a fast charger installed as an option, and will be available in white. They also look like they will have a dual port option too. I already have a standard UK one bought from Amazon which works well, so guess this will be good too. Looking forward to it arriving.

Super Quality, Cheap Car Cam, with GPS and 1080p Recording


I was lucky enough to get two of these quite cheap, and although I wasn’t expecting brilliant results from a £40 camera they work really well. I now plan to make these permanent fixtures in both my new car, and Sam’s car to bring an extra level of protection. They have motion sensors for when you aren’t in the car as well as automatic recording when you drive. They also make nice small recordings which meant I got a trip to Manchester and back on a 32Gb card.

Simpsons – Tapped Out


Part 1 in the Games I spend far too much time and money on, Simpsons – Tapped Out. They seems to have a good way of drawing me in and no matter how bored I get I still manage to convince myself to keep playing and spending, now using the argument that I’ve spent too much to give up now! This doesn’t sound like it will end well!  

Best Fails Week 2 March 2015


Best Fails Week 2 March 2015 I enjoy watching these every week. Some of the things recorded are amazing and it makes you wonder what was going through their minds when they do this stuff. Nothing I suspect!

Old Text Message on Neighbours


Watching Neighbours today (or actually it was on TV I wasn’t really watching) and I spotted this phone screen displaying a text message notification that had been sent. For some reason I spotted it wasn’t a new message and wanted to capture the screen. Amazed they used it in the show, perhaps they didn’t realise, but she’d waited 106 days to get a reply!