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I’ve tried a whole range of solutions for displaying my photos, from custom websites to site’s I’ve designed and even expensive 3rd Party hosted solutions, but never really found anything that suited me.

Whilst exploring my new web hosting, I noticed a program called Koken existed in the Softlicious package manager, and I thought I’d give it a go.

I was really pleased with what I found, and whilst I haven’t invested any money in it at this point, I may well do in the future.

It’s a simple administration back-end, that delivers a simple album/gallery approach, but vitally for me includes a plug-in to give access to LightRoom.

The only real frustration so far is the choice they made to have grey text on a black background in the admin panel, which isn’t easy to read at high resolution.

Still early days for this at the moment, but initial signs are really positive.