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Having been thinking about it for months, I finally took the plunge and bought a PlayStation Pro.

Motivations? My PlayStation crashed a couple of times over the weekend, and in the hot weather, it seemed that the fan was running almost constantly, and was very noisy.

Setup was simple, as expected, however, the option given to copy all my data from the existing PlayStation to this one was superb. In less than 3 hours everything had copied across and I was playing.

Pros: Not heard the fan yet. Data Transfer was easy. Graphics and responsiveness have clearly improved.

Cons: Had to buy a 4K TV. A beta game became almost unplayable. Only got a 1TB drive now, as I have left the 2TB SSD in the old PlayStation for now.

Overall after 24 hours, I’m happy I made the decision. I’ll post more reviews and information as I progress.