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Having been with my previous hosting provider for several years I decided it was time to move. I’d had several problems in the time I was with them, but recently, more and more problems cropped up.

My websites would go down, for periods of time ranging from a few minutes to over an hour, with no explanation. They would become slow, or totally unresponsive, with little access.

However the final straw was when an email account became corrupt, and they were unable to resolve it, or even to restore from backup. I immediately moved email from their servers and subsequently moved other domains, until finally today I was able to cancel the service having moved everything from the service. Even cancellation was a challenge but is now resolved.

After much consideration I’ve moved all by one domain to WebHostingUK who I used around 10 years ago, they offer good value for money, and hopefully will be much more reliable, but only time will tell.