5 Ward Maps

I run a number of Facebook Groups to help bring the community together, these are used for various forms of communication, some are specific interests or activities.


The main group is called Feltham Community and has over 7300 members currently, most of whom live locally, or have in the past, and they are encouraged to be active and have their say on local matters.

I also run a Twitter Account (@FelthamLondon) and share local information that way, however I find few local residents use Twitter, and so tend to mainly use it to collect information and then share it via the various Facebook Groups. Twitter is great for getting (often frustratingly) small snippets of information shared quickly but, in my opinion, is sadly lacking for easily having useful conversations and engaging fully with your community and beyond. There’s only so much use for 140 characters!

We live in Feltham in South West London, just South of Heathrow Airport. Feltham is in the London Borough of Hounslow, and is one of 5 wards at the very west end of the borough on the borders with Surrey, the others being Bedfont, Feltham North, Hanworth and Hanworth Park. These wards are important because they make up our local community and we have spent, and intend spending more time working with others around our community to improve the facilities for all residents. We are lucky to have a number of lovely green spaces both in the Borough, and in the nearby areas, however the Borough isn’t affluent, especially when compared to its neighbours and so we have to ensure we protect what we have and build our community to look after each other.

There are a number of charities and local groups that I work with in the area. The Feltham Community Development Association are based in Belvedere House and are involved in providing courses and facilities for the local community. I provide them with IT Support as time allows and when they hit problems. Feltham FoodBank have been running for several years and collect food and other goods in order to help local people in need. We collect for them at local Supermarkets once a month, and I’ve designed and updated their website for them.


We also taken park in clean-ups of the local area, Feltham Pond and the local parks, picking up litter, removing shopping trolleys from rivers and a number of similar activities.

I have registered a number of websites that I will be developing to support my local community. I am planning these to primarily support local charities, groups and individuals in their activities, but also plan to try and help and promote small local businesses.

Feltham.Community has been running for sometime, and it’s primary use has been to run a community calendar showing the local events taking places to try and get more people to go along, and to prevent multiple events running on the same day and impacting each others attendance. Sadly it’s been hard to get the community to adopt this calendar and make the best use of it, so this is now under review.

Feltham.info, Bedfont.info and Hanworth.info are the newest websites I have purchased and the plan for those is to detail local parks and entertainment in those areas to give people a guide to things going on and the local attractions and parks. We are lucky enough to have a lot of green space in the area, and I hope to detail each of these areas.

Feltham.biz is the site I plan to use to support local businesses. It will be restricted to local people and businesses in the area to promote what they do and the services they offer.

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