I love playing computer games, I just wish I was better at them, rather than spending my time being beaten online by people who are probably 9 years old, but I keep on playing, and some games I’ve found myself able to get a fairly decent games where I’m not to embarrassed.


I’ll use this section of the site to give some details of games I’m enjoying playing, either now or in the past, and even how to play against me if there’s an opportunity. I mainly play games on the PS4, or on my iPad, although I do have a Steam Account which would let me play on my Mac, or even on a Windows PC (if I had one).

I’ve bought so many PS4 games over the years. Typically I can play them for a while and then one of two things tends to happen. The game gets too hard and I’m unable to play it any more, or it doesn’t get harder but gets repetitive and I get more and move on to play something else.


My favourite types of games are fairly easily categorised, DRIVING, SNIPER/SHOOTING, and SPORTS. There’s a page for each of these game types so I can explain my choices, but here are my favourites at the moment, which I play a lot.

The advantage of the iPad as a Games System is that nearly all of the games can be picked up and put down at a whim. You can play for minutes, or for hours as time allows. This also makes the games available for it very different, some are complex, and some are easy. Sadly there are also many poor quality ones, and as time progresses, it’s been clear to see that too many games now (in my opinion) now charge for game play, or extra items which means to make progress in the game can be very expensive.

Over the years I’ve joined many sites that allow you to play online games in your web browser. I fond myself using these less and less these days as more content is brought to things like the iPad, the games tend to be better and more interesting with more development spent on them.


However sometimes it’s good to have an alternative and I will at times find myself checking out what’s new and can spend quite some time playing new stuff. Theres a number of sites I’ll check out, and some historic ones that generally require payment for membership, which I tend to shy away from these days.

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