I’ve enjoyed taking photographs for as long as I can remember, however in recent years with the introduction of digital technology, the improvement in cameras and the ease of editing and improving photos, I’ve become much more interested in seeing what I am capable of.


I am very proud to own a Canon 5D Mark III, and have recently purchased what I think is a great all purpose lens, having found I’m really too lazy to carry around multiple lenses. I’m mainly using a Canon 28-300mm lens, and am finding it gets pretty good results throughout its focussing range.


The camera doesn’t come with any real automatic scene settings, so I have been forced to learn how it actually works, and have even ventured into the scary M setting zone with some success, but sadly also some real failures. I still have plenty of learning to do.

I decided some time ago to use my FOSTON.com domain to display my photos, but have struggled to find the best way to do it, without spending a fortune on services like 500px when I’m really not trying to sell my photos, just share them with those interested in them.


I recently discovered Chevereto and am giving it a try. It seems simple to use, gives results I like, and this version is free, although I might decide to upgrade to the paid version in time and get the extra features they offer.


Below are some of my favourites

I have uploaded in the past photos to Facebook, however I am less likely to do this now.


I have the Adobe Lightroom package for photographers. Did you know you can get access to PhotoShop and Lightroom for just £10 a month? It’s a lot more cost effective than purchasing them outright, especially as the upgrade costs are so high.

Whilst most of my own photography gets displayed at FOSTON.com I do have some pictures loaded on other sites.


Most noticeable of these is FLICKR.com where I tend to share my football photos, which are often wanted by a larger audience, and there are often high numbers of shots, so this is a more suitable location.

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