This was one of the first purchases I made, however I didn’t purchase this directly, I purchased another product that ended up migrating to this product instead. However it’s now something I use several times a month to make simple graphics for Facebook or other websites.

And now it’s Saturday!

Hard to write much when nothing much is happening. However I have improved health wise, so that’s a good thing in that time. The volunteers in the area have been doing a great job collecting shopping and prescriptions, and it’s all worked just fine without me being involved so that’s a great thing.

I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube, although I’m not sure this is a good thing. I’ll have to share some of the range of things we’ve been watching, although some will have to be classed as guilty pleasures, because at times I find myself asking why I’m still watching.

Hopefully back to work (from home) on Monday, and back to some pattern and work in each day. Too much sitting about gets very dull without a real purpose.

Sunday, Monday & now Tuesday

Well I already missed a day completely, but I have an excuse. On Sunday I started to feel unwell with a sore throat and a very sore chest. I’ve had a cough for about 15 years, so having that at this time is nothing new to me, but it’s got a lot worse, and leads to the above two symptoms and a headache, but in the current crisis situation it’s quite worrying in face its not a simple chest/throat infection, but only time will tell on that one.

We therefore cancelled the Monday food collection, although a volunteer did drive around the area and collect around 15 donations of food from various people and then sorted them out and delivered a bag to someone who requested one urgently. The rest will go into the general food stock and be shared with the community food banks.

Monday was a very quiet and uneventful day, and Tuesday is looking very similar. I’ve logged into work, a little later than normal and am working away as usual this week, from Monday to Thursday, and am planning to do as little else as possible.

I’ve got a few pieces of software purchased (mainly from AppSumo) over recent months, and it might be a time to start to get to grips with those.

Tomorrow I’ll try and share some information about my lovely bubble entertainment scheme I run, for something different to the other stuff I’ve written about.

Sunday Morning Activities

So today starts with closing the food donation form, which has a healthy 15 donations on it. I have a driver arranged who is happy to go and collect from all 15 locations and store the food overnight.

We found this great website,, which allows for up to 20 addresses to be used and it plans the best route around these addresses for free, so that’s been really useful.

I’ve created a new web form for people who need a bag of food. We don’t know what we will get, or how much of it. Last week it was around 20 bags of food. We also don’t know how many people will ask for food, last week it was only 12, but we used the rest to donate to people who have previously asked for help, and all we very pleased to get the bag.

Bringing You Up To Date

So, as we get to the end of today, Saturday 11th April 2020, here’s list of what’s going on currently. We are in the middle of a lockdown for Covid19, and working from home. There’s also lots of community activity and I feel very much at the centre of a lot of it, entirely my own choice and fault.

  • We have over 130 volunteers signed up, who are delivering food, going shopping and collecting prescriptions for people who need help getting them, because they are vulnerable, or are unwell, or just self-isolating.
  • We have many donations coming in from residents around the 5 local wards (Feltham West, Feltham North, Bedfont, Hanworth and Hanworth Park). These are collected and taken to Reach Academy in Feltham where they are then redistributed to some combined local food banks.
  • On Monday we are going to get a food donation via St Saviours Church in Sunbury. This food will have to be sorted into bags and then delivered to people around the community who need it.

There’s probably much more going on that I haven’t detailed, but I’ll add to that as it become relevant. My focus for the next couple of days is

Sunday – organising the collecting of food donations, which will then need to be brought to Belvedere House tomorrow. Alongside this I need to create a web page to collect the details of people who need a food donation from us.

Monday – having two cars collect food from St Saviours, then bagging the food up, and arranging for drivers to deliver them to the people who have registered a need for food. Leaving them at their front doors, and knocking and walking away.

Tuesday, back to work, full time for the first time in three weeks. When I find some time, I’ll detail some of what happened over the last 3 weeks, it was madly hectic, and was stressful but amazing.

Some Background

I thought it might be useful to give you some background, although I hope the posts will make sense in their own right, but who knows this might help make more sense of what appears from here.

About Me

I’m in my fifties, living in Feltham in South West London, England with my wife Sam. We’ve been here over 15 years, and enjoy living here, despite the reputation Feltham has it’s a nice place to live, close to Central London, but also close to the countryside. Over recent years we’ve been getting more and more involved in our local community, and this is the source of a lot of the activities we get involved in.

I work for a charity called Cranstoun, as Data Systems Manager. The charity is involved with Drug and Alcohol, Housing and Domestic Violence support in multiple locations across the South East and the Midlands.

Community Background

In 2013 I started a Facebook group called Feltham Community, because I had tried a few times to start a website with local information, but it was hard to get people to come away from Facebook.

Since then the group has flourished, multiple sub-groups have started and lots of “real-world” activities have started around the community. My intention is to detail what’s happens in the community and the rest of life.

Life, is busy

Sometimes you get to a point in life when to sit and reflect on all the things going on. The current lockdown has been a really busy time, but this weekend, things have calmed down a little, and so I find myself reflecting on what’s happened and what might happen tin the days ahead.

I find myself wanting to commit to updating this every day, but I also know how often I give up on ideas once they get mundane, so who knows how long this will continue for.