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I enjoy making a difference around my community and for various charities and over the years this has become very important to me. I run a number of local Facebook groups, along with a twitter account and am setting up a number of web sites to provide information about my local community and alongside this I work and support a number of local and national charities.
Over the years I’ve grown to love taking photographs, although my skills have never really kept up with the equipment I’ve been able to get myself. I keep changing where I display my photos, which is generally only done for my amusement, and am currently using Flickr, but also use my site to display, and test photography applications. Technology has been a way of life since I left school, I have a wide variety of interests and am especially into web applications and enjoying experimenting with new technology.
Like my love of technlology, I’ve always enjoyed computer games in one for or another, having worked my way through home computer games, including those typed in from magazines, through to the latest gaming platforms, my PS4 Pro and my iPad Pro. Not being a Windows PC user any more, I’ve moved away from PC Games, but still have an interest in the latest trends. I’m sure there are other things I will think of as I continue to design the site, and so I created a page for these things ahead of time just in case.