Welcome to my view of the World

At over 50 years old, I’ve been online for over 35 years and involved in IT for most of that time. Whilst this site may touch on that history occasionally, it’s really about exploring some of the applications and tools that exist today, paid and free to highlight some of the best ones I use on a regular basis.

I’ve no doubt in time I’ll also expand things to include details of other hobbies and interest I have, but no commitment to when!

Main Interests 

Web based apps/tools

I really enjoy exploring new apps and tools that appear, I find many of these from AppSumo which often allows you to make a low cost purchase of great tools as they enter the market.

Mac & iOS Software

I enjoy a range of Mac and iOS software, especially productivity aids which help at work and in my personal life. I especially enjoy exploring ToDo apps, but have yet to find one good enjoy to organise me properly!


You’ll find me playing on my PS4 (PSN: UKTeddyBare) but I also enjoy a wide range of games on my iPad. Whilst I enjoy playing, I often find my skill level never quite allows me to achieve what I would like to.