WordPress themes come in many shapes and forms, and increasingly these days, there are themes that also give you much greater control of how your web site ends up looking. One of these, is Divi. Made by Elegant Themes, Divi comes as a Theme but built into it is a fully fledged page builder, so you can use the default WordPress layout, or you can pretty much totally customise it yourself, even page by page with totally different looks.

I splashed out several years ago on a lifetime membership for Divi, and it’s proved well worth it. It’s continued to be improved and developed, and even as WordPress continues to evolve, Divi seems to be one step ahead still.

This site is displayed using a Theme called Extra, which is also from Elegant Themes, and is included in the cost of Divi, and it’s designed to payout and run a magazine or community type site, and I hope to use it on the Feltham Community site in the future.