Whilst I’ve always enjoyed taking part in charity events and fundraising, over recent years I’ve found myself doing more and taking a leading role at work and in my community. I’ve moved beyond simple fundraising activities and now provide IT Support, Web Design and make other volunteering efforts as time allows.


I’m currently looking for a new role, as a Community Fundraiser ideally, working for a Charity based locally to me, so that I can be more involved, more productive and better rewarded by making a difference using all the skills I’ve built up over the years.

In 2012 I was lucky enough to be selected to run with an Olympic Torch ahead of the games in London. I was nominated by a number of people I worked with on the basis of the work I did with Lloyds Banking Group as a Charity and Community Champion. These nominations were voted on across the company and those chosen were able to be part of the UK wide Torch Run.


I had raised over £20,000 for charities in the previous year, standing at Railway Stations all over the local area, but primarily Richmond Station, along with setting up a number of web sites to aid the Police fighting crime in the Feltham Area.

I managed to get a copy of the video of my torch run from the BBC web site when it was aired. It only lasts a few minutes and my run was mainly a walk. This wasn’t just because I am somewhat overweight, it was actually because we weren’t given our uniform until the morning the of event, and the trousers were much too big for me and at one point almost fell down, but you’ll see me swap the torch to my other hand to secure them.

In 2011 I was awarded a Borough Commanders Commendation by Hounslow Police for my work alongside the local teams in the Feltham area to help reduce local crime. I’d started to work with them after we arrived home one evening to find burglars in the house and chased them off. Whilst we luckily didn’t lose anything I wanted to find an opportunity to make a difference and help the Police in their work, and the web sites I created enabled local people to find out sooner than had been previously possible about the criminal activity in the area and enabled them to take action to secure themselves and their property.

We have been keen supporters for Help for Heroes and The Royal British Legion for some time. We act as volunteers at their events, and take part in Fundraising activities for them as well, including a 10km run/walk for RBL, and regular bucket collections at Tesco’s and Asda.


In 2016 we made 100 large poppies and put them up in Feltham and Bedfont, alongside 100 official poppies from the RBL, ahead of Remembrance Sunday which were well received by residents who then helped me raise over £1500 for the RBL.

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