Just over 10 years ago I mad the switch at home from using Windows PC’s to using a Mac instead. Since then, I’ve become fully converted to the Mac way of life, everything is easier to use, often cheaper and certainly of better quality and reliability. I’ve found some great applications.

I’ve been creating (and recreating) websites for a long time, and have spent money on the wrong things too many times. I’ve now narrowed down the applications I use, to a smaller list, but they create some fantastic sites. You can see some of the software I use, and recommend here.

Software Sources on the Web

AppSumo is a site I came across some time ago, who run special offers of software, web applications and other things periodically, most notably recently lifetime access to some web applications.


I’ll share some details of the things I have managed to get from the site, the good and the bad.

MacHeist run very infrequent competitions and giveaways, but when they run one it’s often one of the best out there, and is normally either low cost or even free. Always worth paying a visit and getting on their mailing list.


Theres often been a challenge set, just to find out that theres a bundle on offer!

One of the things I’ve noticed is the frequency that Mac Software developers let their software become part of various bundles, sometimes for Charity and sometimes just to get more people to buy them, sometimes just before a new version comes out. The page below gives you details of where to get some of the better bundles that I’ve found.

Home Automation. 


I’ve been slowly exploring some home automation, but I find it quite frustrating that so few of the systems and appliances will work together and instead you have to rely on outside websites and the like to make the interconnections for you. The things we’ve used, to varying levels of success are below.

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